Remove and control spiders from your home.

When it comes to creep crawlies, spiders would be up there with the most feared and disliked. On the east coast of NSW there are many species of spiders common to homes and properties, including venomous spiders like the Funnel-web spider, the White-tailed spider and the Redback spider, and spiders that are non-venomous to humans such as the Black House spider and the Huntsman.

While most spiders found in the home are harmless, we can’t deny that in our region poisonous spiders like the Redback and Funnel-web are not uncommon. This is naturally a concern, particularly for anyone with young children.

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A few facts you may not know about spiders

Click herefor our free spider chart , which helps identify the common spiders found in and around the home and includes a first aid section on what to do in the event of a spider bite.

At Coast to Coast Pest Services we are very familiar with the types of spiders in the areas we serve. We track their movements, understand their breeding habits and have the right products and skills to reduce the presence of spiders in your home and protect you and your family.

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